The story of Cavastone is a love story, love is what motivated us to move from Colombia to the United States to pursue the American dream and a better future for our family. Beginnings are never easy, and as many immigrants, we faced hardships along the way. But despite all the adversities encountered we never gave up on our dreams. With love, hard work, enthusiasm and high hopes we founded the business in 2006.

With years of perseverance and pride in what we do we have become a very well known and positioned company in the Architectural and Design industry. The same perseverance, pride and attention to detail that made us become who we are, are the same qualities we strive to provide to all our customers. If you give us the opportunity, we would love to welcome you to the Cavastone family, where our priority will always be to exceed your expectations. Cavastone is a family owned business and we translate the concept of family to all aspects of our company

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our clients for trusting us and making us part of your design and creative process.

We are a boutique concept company carrying the best selection of unique natural stones, porcelains, Eco-friendly products, wood and diverse types of man-made materials carefully selected for beautiful and outstanding creations.

If you are expecting a corporate approach you will be greatly surprised because we are not ‘’Corporate’’. At Cavastone we provide our customers with a friendly and personalized service. Team work is highly emphasized which places our employee’s focus in customer satisfaction rather than sales competition.

We truly pay attention to detail and cater to our client’s schedule and needs. We pride ourselves on placing customer service first which involves always being on time with the materials, with prices, samples or simply greeting every client with a friendly smile.
The combination of our nice selection, quality materials, drive for customer satisfaction and creativity will leave a personal print on every design.

Mi Juan, Cavastone fue tu idea, otro gran sueño que juntos hicimos realidad. Continuaré este camino pensando en ti en todo momento y celebrando cada logro contigo. Te quiero con todo mi corazón, te extraño muchísimo.